Cultivate surprises and achieve dynamic meetings

Posted by Sisse Haldrup
on June 22, 2017

Meetings are such a big part of our workdays – and even take up much of our leisure time – that there is always the risk of creativity suffering a slow and painful death to routine thinking.

Consider the last few meetings you have attended, be it at work, in the sports club, or in your kids’ school. Can you honestly claim attending with full attention and participation, and not once giving in to random thoughts of grocery shopping, holiday destinations, or simply looking forward to coming home and going for an evening run?

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What type of meeting is this?

Posted by Troels Emborg
on April 20, 2017

Most of us know the feeling of entering a meeting room without being entirely sure what type of meeting it actually is.

Naturally, we will often know the other attendees and we might have some idea of what the cause of the meeting is. However, we aren’t necessarily certain when it comes to defining the purpose of the meeting. Purpose, in the sense of a shared understanding of the desired and expected outcome.

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