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Posted by Mette Zacho
on Nov 5, 2018 11:17:16 AM

When you create new meetings in Prepare, it has until now only been possible to make a copy of a meeting within the same committee. At the same time, it was only possible to copy topics without content. This meant that you as moderator had to spend extra time on uploading or typing the same content time after time.

We have now changed this, so that you save time on creating meetings. Watch how here:


Choose meeting template from another committee

If you wish to copy the agenda from another committee, you can do this by using the function “Choose template from other committee”.

  • Press “Create new meeting
  • Choose the committee that the meeting should be created in
  • Press “Use template from other committee
  • Choose a date for the meeting
  • Fill the remaining boxes and save

Choose meeting template with content

If you wish to include all documents (statement and appendix) from another agenda, you have to tick “Meeting template with content”.

You can both include content from previous meetings in the same committee and other committees.

Activating the new meeting templates

To start with, the new meeting templates are deactivated. To activate them, go to the menu “Preferences”. Those preferences can only be activated by an administrator:

Press “Preferences” in the left menu and scroll down to “Moderator” and activate:

  • Allow copying of meeting templates from other committees
  • Allow copying of meeting templates with content

Remember to save!

NB: Remember that you can only use meeting templates from meetings that are released and from the committees in which you are a moderator.

Watch how you make a copy of a meeting in this article:

Meeting template – how do I make a copy of a previous meeting?

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