New feature: Share comments with committee members

Posted by Mette Zacho
on Aug 7, 2017 11:16:18 AM

Now you can share comments with committee members, even if you are not in the committee.

Basically, it is only possible to share comments with the members you are in a committee with. This means that if you are not a member of a committee, the "Share comment" feature can not be selected at all.

But it is now possible to have a function enabled so non-members can start a shared comment with members in a committee.

How to share a comment with a committee member in "other committees"

  • Contact First Ageda - - to get the feature enabled on your organization. Keep in mind that the feature will be enabled to all the committees in your organization
  • In the left side navigation go to a committee in the "Other committees" section.
  • Start a new shared comment - just like if you were a member of the committee. See how to start sharing comments
  • The committee member you have shared a comment with, can reply to your comment (but they can not start a new shared comment with you, because you are not a member of the committee)

Why get this function enabled?

You should consider if you think this feature makes sense for you. As Shared Comments works today, it is very easy to understand that only members of the committee can chat together. But when this new feature is enabled, it becomes a bit more unclear who can write to who.

The function makes sense if non-committee members need to share a comment on topics raised in the committee. It could be alternates, employees or others who are not included in the committee but need to follow the cases that are being considered in the meetings.

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