Add categories to agenda items

Posted by Mette Zacho
on Aug 29, 2018 10:33:18 AM

In the manual meeting creation, it is now possible to split the agenda items into categories so that agenda items dealing with the same topic can be divided into groups.

The categories are added in the same way as the agenda items. In the meeting creation, a new button "Add Category" has been added that you can name and drag up or down in the agenda, just as you add the agenda items.

Once you have added a category to the items, it is no longer possible to use the "Sort" function.

The "Add Category" button will be added to your manual meeting creation during week 35 - the final activation will be at the end of the day Friday, August 31st. If you want to have the button activated already, you can send an email to the support at

See how to add categories


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