Written by Nanna Manbjerg Rasmussen
on December 14, 2015
Time is money, and by using FirstAgenda you save both. FirstAgenda's meeting solution optimises every aspect of meetings - from preparation to holding the meeting itself. Then there's the environmental benefits.


Reduce your costs

In a large municipalities the costs of production, printing and distributing materials regarding meetings quickly amounts to hundreds of thousands dollars annually. By transferring to the digital meeting solution FirstAgenda you can cut these costs.

By using FirstAgenda we save around 500,000 pages of printouts and also save distribution costs on agenda material for our politicians. Because FirstAgenda is simple and intuitive, we also use it in a wide range of administrative committees, councils, boards and working groups, which result in even even more cost savings.” - Palle Gjerulff, system administrator, municipality of Køge. 

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Environmental advantages

The production of paper requires resources and is an environmental strain. A digital meeting solution is therefore not only financially viable but also has environmental advantages.


Effective meetings

When every document regarding the meeting is shared online, expenses connected to production, printing and distribution are saved. The system makes sure that you automatically have the latest version of the agenda and attachments with you. You no longer have to look through your mailbox for the latest version. If there are changes to the agenda, you are automatically informed. You are also let off carrying around piles of papers.



Smarter meetings? Yes please!

If you liked this article from FirstAgenda, you’re probably on a mission to having more effective meetings – just like us! You might want to try our platform. It’s a simple tool that manages all your meetings and tasks in ONE place. Collaborate, assign tasks, add due dates and keep track of your team’s progress.

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