Written by Troels Emborg
on August 23, 2016

Safe and secure handling of information is absolutely essential when you are trusting external partners with your data.



Below are the eight questions we are most commonly asked about data security - if you have a question that is not on the list, you are more than welcome to contact us.


1. How do you ensure that the data traveling between FirstAgenda’s servers and the app on a tablet cannot be accessed by an unauthorized person?

To ensure that information is always secure, we encrypt all data. We use well-known standards such as HTTPS and SSL. That way we meet all security requirements, and you can be rest assured in trusting us with your data.

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2. Isn’t the information vulnerable once it’s downloaded to a computer or tablet that could get into the anyone’s hands?

Some of our customers work with highly sensitive information, so we are often asked to add an extra layer of security. To meet this need, we offer two-factor login. With two-factor login, an SMS code is sent to the mobile phone of the person logging in after they have submitted their user name and password. This makes the login process is slightly longer, but ensures high security.


3. How is my data stored?

We store data encrypted according to international rules and standards. We sign a data processing agreement with all new clients, so there is full disclosure and clarity as to how we work. Our technical set-up for data storage is, in all modesty, state-of-the-art.


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4. Do confidential documents or notes remain on the iPad forever?

No. You can delete documents and other data in the FirstAgenda app to clear the local storage on your tablet or computer.


 5. How can I be sure that you have your processes in order?

We are subject to internal audits by PWC, one of the world's largest accounting firms. They regularly scrutinize and make detailed descriptions of our internal processes, including our access to and storage of customer data.


6. Do you keep track of how users access data on our computers or tablets?

We keep track of how the system is used only to ensure that we meet the legal requirements for log keeping and security. What you use FirstAgenda for, we do not involve ourselves in. We use the knowledge we gain about how they system is used to optimize our product and continuously improve and adapt it to our customers’ needs.


7. Do you have control over who had access to data? 

We have clear procedures for who has access to what. In regards to Personal Data laws, we fulfil all the requirements for logging and reporting.


8. If I take notes in FirstAgenda, can other people see them?

With FirstAgenda, you can take personal notes directly into the system that they cannot be seen by others. This is a different from the notes sharing function which is also part of FirstAgenda. The personal notes function is private – only you can see them.


Our cloud based secure meeting app handles all the administration around the meeting and mankes the notetaking much easier.

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