Written by Nanna Manbjerg Rasmussen
on December 17, 2015
Do you often experience meetings that drag out or colleagues who answer phone calls, e-mails or text messages during a meeting? Or have you been to a meeting where attendees arrive late or are absent without apology? You are not the only one. Internal meetings lack good manners that is the conclusion in a study published by the Danish Lederne.


Internal meeting manners 

Four out of ten state that they often or all the time experience that attendees are late for meetings. One in three state that meetings often drag out. And more than one in four says that attendees answer phone calls, e-mails or text messages during meetings. Furthermore, one in ten state that they have been to a meeting where attendees were absent without apology.


Unacceptable behaviour 

Though it happens often or all the time, the behaviour is not accepted among the other attendees. In a top three, listing the most unacceptable behaviour during a meeting, is: 

  1. Being absent without apology
  2. Arriving too late
  3. Answering e-mails or text messages


Manners are worst in larger companies and private businesses  

If you experience lack of manners during internal meetings, the chance that you work in a private business is quite big. Generally, the culture around internal meetings ought to be improved in every sector. But the difference between private businesses and local governments is notable. The manners are worse in private businesses and as an example twice the attendees are absent without apology. 

Likewise, the tendency increases as the size of the business increases. It is noteworthy that as the bad manners are more present they are also more accepted in larger companies.

If you seek inspiration on how to facilitate efficient meetings, have a closer look at the amount of time you spend in meetings.


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