Written by Ida Kroghave
on February 11, 2016
Have you ever found yourself sitting in a meeting, not knowing quite what’s going on?
Maybe you didn’t have time to prepare or the agenda wasn’t clear. In this post, we’ve gathered five questions you should avoid asking in your meetings to keep productivity high.



1. What is the topic?

If you or other attendees are not properly prepared for the meeting, there is a good chance it will drag on or you will risk missing items on the agenda. A new survey from Lederne (The Leaders, in Danish) has found that more than half of Danish managers think preparation is essential for holding a good meeting.


2. What is on the agenda? 

An unclear agenda obstructs a good meeting. A good agenda makes it clear to the attendees what the meeting’s content and purpose is, and makes it easier for them to prepare. One in three of the respondents state that meetings are better with a well-defined agenda.


3. What is our position around discipline?

Is it alright to be late or respond to emails during a meeting? Not if you ask Danish managers. More than half of the respondents point to the fact that meeting discipline needs to be improved to ensure a good meeting. Four out of ten answer that attendees are often late, while only 5% think this is acceptable. Only 9% state that it is alright to answer emails and texts during a meeting, while one in three say it happens often.


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4. Who is chairing the meeting?

44% of respondents point to the fact that a better management of meetings is essential. A good chairperson must be able to keep the meeting on track and create structure. More than eight out of ten think that meetings facilitation is a special competence.


5. What did we agree on?

Lack of summarizing can make the meeting unclear and the delegation of tasks likewise. Half of respondents answered that there is a need for better summarizing and conclusion while 44% pointed to a better follow-up.





Smarter meetings? Yes please!

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