Written by Nanna Manbjerg Rasmussen
on January 13, 2016
When it comes to IT, members of boards are interested in both budget and implementation, but their focus on strategy connected to IT has declined since 2013. So says the findings of a new survey published by PwC.


Boards and strategy

Generally, boards’ focus on strategy has increased since 2012. But only half of the boards will spend more time on IT strategy. The risks of not riding along on the digital wave might be great: 

“One of the consequences could be that the company loses customers to new or existing competitors. It might also mean that the company will not exploit the new possibilities that digitalization offers,” says Ole Boje, Consultant within board services and digitalization.

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As a result of digitalization comes a focus on IT security. 65 % wish to use extra time focusing on IT-risks and security.

To evaluate your need of security you can ask the following questions:

- What is the cost of a break down?

- What is the cost if important information fall into the wrong hands?


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Digital meeting solution

Digitalization can be both beneficial and profitable. By shifting to a digital meeting solution you can save 10-15% of the time spent in both preparation and actual meetings. Kirsten Brusgaard, advisor at Aarhus University, confirms this point: “the time we earlier spent looking for the latest agenda or the attachments from last meeting has disappeared. Now it is easy for everyone to find the latest, updated version of both the agenda and the attachments.”




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