Written by Jasmine Cargill
on August 29, 2016
Introducing First Agenda to Douglas Borough Council on the Isle of Man has been transformational. Before FirstAgenda, the administration team had to manually print, bind and then post or hand deliver all of the agendas and related documents for council meetings every month. This was a time intensive process, plus it used a lot of paper.



“FirstAgenda saves us about 30 hours of man-time per month and everyone really likes it,” explains Daniel Looney, Assistant Chief Officer (Digital & Information). “We tested three or four other tools when we decided to go digital but kept going back to First Agenda. It lets us do what we want and it’s good value for money.”

The ability to include high resolution images is also an advantage. Before First Agenda, images had to be scanned and printed, this was expensive and not always high enough quality. Being able to zoom in on details on a map or photograph, helps with information flows and decision making.

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“The best things about First Agenda are usability and functionality,” continues Looney. “I am impressed at how intuitive and easy to use it is. Training our staff in how to use it was very straight forward, made easier by the intuitive design and integrated user tips.”

Another benefit is being able to easily make last minute changes to an agenda. In the past, a last minute change could mean putting off an important decision until next meeting, Now, it’s not an issue

“I would recommend First Agenda to any council that is thinking of going digital. It has saved us a lot of time and money,” says Daniel Looney.

The Douglas Borough Council serves around 30,000 citizens in and around Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man.


At FirstAgenda, we have a mission, to save the world from ineffective meetings. See how FirstAgenda can transform meetings in your organization by streamlining the processes and increase productivity with digital meetings.

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