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Posted by Troels Emborg
on June 24, 2017

Collaborating in 25 divisions all across Denmark has become an easier task since TUBA, an organisation counselling kids and anyone else from a family of substance abuse, has implemented a digital meeting tool in their daily work. The app has replaced an endless array of email correspondence and yields a better outline of information and reduces the risk of error.

Implementing a digital meeting tool has helped Danish organisation TUBA significantly simplify 25 divisions working together across the country.

Foto: TUBA

Keeping track of each and every detail in an organisation spanning an entire country in 25 divisions and being the manager of numerous events and activities is no easy task. TUBA, who offers support and counselling to children and anyone between 14 and 35 who is part of a family with parents hooked on alcohol or drugs, knows this all too well.

An everyday challenge, stressed severely whenever the employee handbook was revised, states Henrik Appel, country director of TUBA. Each division had corrections and comments, and with staff so widespread the number of emails simply arose so much that the executives decided to take action.

”The email correspondence seemed endless, and it was a nightmare. We really needed a tool to communicate relevant information in relevant channels,” says Henrik Appel, who holds the job in TUBA alongside a career as a politician in the The City of Copenhagen.


The big picture and fewer mistakes

From his work as a politician he has got acquainted with the meeting and planning tool Prepare by FirstAgenda, realising that it meets the TUBA requirements and the organisation set out using the app as 2016 drew to an end. 

”We apply it at executive level and are curently rolling it out to be used at staff meetings throughout all divisions. It has yielded a broader picture of details and at the same time we have significantly reduced our use of paper, which is certainly worth a note,” says Henrik Appel who also has experienced an improvement in his own working conditions.

”The app being so easy to use, gathering relevant information in the right places has caused the number of mistakes to minimise, ensuring the right information getting through to the right people,” says Henrik Appel.

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Facts on TUBA

TUBA (in Danish Therapy and counselling for children of alcoholics) is an autonomous organisation to Blå Kors (The Blue Cross Denmark) offering assistance to kids and young people of 14 to 35 years whose parents are alcoholics or drug abusers.New Call-to-action 

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