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Troels is in charge of communications and marketing at First Agenda.
30 Nov 2018
Meeting Facilitation | 4 min read

Use Meetings to Motivate Employees

Meetings can get you on the right path for motivated employees.   Moti...

22 Jun 2017
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Get Help and Improve Your Meeting Culture

Changing a long since established organisational culture can prove a d...

21 Jun 2017
Meeting Software | 4 min read

Digital Tools Could Improve Your Meetings

You have busy days, right?

17 May 2017
| 4 min read

What type of meeting is this?

Most of us know the feeling of entering a meeting room without being e...

23 Aug 2016
Meeting Software | 2 min read

Is Your Data Secure? 8 Sure Reasons to use FirstAgenda

Safe and secure handling of information is absolutely essential when y...

22 Mar 2016
| 1 min read

What is the actual purpose of this meeting?

It ought to be the simplest thing; you receive notice of a meeting, sh...