Written by Ditte Ydegaard
on August 13, 2018
Whether it's a D-I-Y home project, going for a run or your project at work, it's all about getting a head start. A head start is like a booster pack that makes it easier to reach your goal.

The same goes for your meetings. A dull start can kill the energy. On the other hand, a motivating start can raise the level of creative energy and mindfulness among the meeting participants.


7 ways to kick-start your meeting


We gathered seven ways that promise that the very crucial, first few minutes of your meeting will kick major butt. 


 1. Inspiration as an appetizer

Whatever your meeting is about, it’s refreshing to kick-start creative minds by being inspired. Start the meeting by showing participants a piece of inspiration that relates to the topic of the meeting. For example, it may be a TED talk, a mood board, a quote or an inspirational video. You can also try benchmarking, or presenting on an organization (in your industry, or not) that has effectively solved a similar problem to yours in an out-of-the-box way.


2. Take time to connect agenda items

Instead of just jumping straight into the first item on the agenda, it may be a good idea to go through the whole meeting agenda before starting. Make sure to mention how much time is allocated for the meeting as well. For better results, the specific goal of each item should also be briefed. When you adopt this as a meeting best practice, the actual goal, and not just one small agenda item, will be at the top participants’ minds.


3. Let's play

Playing gives energy and stimulates the brain to think creatively. And admit it - it's fun to play! Therefore, competitions and games are a great way to kickstart meetings. Start with a game of charades or a quiz. Try to develop a game that fits the subject and meeting participants. The only limitation is your imagination. You can also use play tools, such as this quiz app Kahoot or this website to create your own Jeopardy quiz.


Gamification of your meeting


4. Make an expectation exercise

Try to do a check-in exercise where all meeting participants say out loud what they expect to get out of the meeting today. By doing this, you move the focus to the purpose and ensures that everybody is engaged. When the meeting is about over, end by saying what you actually got out of the meeting.


5. Share a laugh

Laughing together relieves stress, allows meeting participants to relax and strengthens the collaboration in the room. Encourage colleagues to start the meeting with a good laugh, and even though it may be a little awkward at first, it's quickly over - and it works. For example, take a round where everyone tells their best joke. You can also put a fun YouTube video on, which surely should make even the gloomiest of people smirk.

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6. Meeting gamification

Gamification is the use of game theory to motivate employees. The technique is based on competitive elements and includes motivational rewards like points or prizes. You can use this technique at meetings by introducing the problem or theme as a game that the meeting participants need to solve or implement. Find a meaningful way to reward the meeting participants who come up with the best solution or have the most ideas.

Gamification of your meeting


7. Get moving

Studies show that creativity increases in physical activity- and here we do not mean hardcore bench press or interval running. It’s just about standing up and getting out to grab some fresh air. Try to start the meeting with a walk around the building or up to the top floor and down again. It doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, but it has a big impact to the energy of your meeting. A short walk is also a good opportunity to chat with colleagues, which strengthens your relationship while prepping you to focus on meeting when you’re back.

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... and remember to brung the Yes Hat!

You’ll be amazed at how effective the seven ways actually are, but it requires open and receptive meeting participants. Playing, moving and doing games together is not necessarily common at work, and it may require a little time to get used to. As a meeting facilitator, your attitude is projected onto your colleagues, so it’s important that you motivate and lead by example.


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