28 May 2019
Meeting Facilitation | 6 min read

What a Bad Meeting Culture and the Climate Crisis have in Common – and How to Fix Both

Are your meetings overheated, deadlocked and, to all outward appearanc...

27 May 2019
Meeting Minutes | 6 min read

5 Reasons Your Meeting Minutes are Important

At FirstAgenda, we want you to forget about taking meeting minutes and...

27 May 2019
FirstAgenda News | 6 min read

Here’s How We Changed Our In-house Meeting Culture

I n the fast-paced, ever-changing world of meetings, our objective at ...

16 May 2019
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How One Consultancy Organization Benefits from Transcribing Meetings

 Sea Health & Welfare contributes to a better work environment by deli...

12 Apr 2019
Meeting Facilitation | 5 min read

4 Steps for Significantly Improving Meeting Culture in Your Organization

FirstAgenda partners with DecisionCaddy, experts in improving decision...

04 Apr 2019
Meeting Fun | 11 min read

Which Character from Game of Thrones are You in the Meeting Room?

The hype for Game of Thrones is at its peak with Season 8 on the way –...

02 Apr 2019
FirstAgenda News | 4 min read

FirstAgenda Frees Extra Time to Support Vulnerable Young People

At Base2 and Pædagogkompagniet, the workload has been reduced by 70% s...

28 Jan 2019
FirstAgenda News | 5 min read

FirstAgenda Builds Innovative Bixby Capsule

The feedback was simply amazing when we presented the prototype at the...

28 Jan 2019
Meeting Facilitation | 3 min read

Ten Tips for More Effective Meetings

 Are you looking for ways to get more out of your meetings? We’ve comp...

22 Jan 2019
FirstAgenda News | 3 min read

FirstAgenda Wins Microsoft’s Spark of the Year Award

In January, Microsoft recognized their top Danish partners at the Micr...

14 Jan 2019
Meeting Preparation | 9 min read

Test: What is Your Meeting Personality?

Remember back in high school when you had a group project?